Declining by Degrees : Book Excerpts

Book Excerpts

"Declining by Degrees:
Higher Education at Risk"

A revealing and disturbing look at the state of higher education today from influential commentators including: James Fallows, Jay Mathews, Frank Deford, Vartan Gregorian, Carol G. Schneider, and many more.
"The book before you is, to my knowledge, the first to confront the question head-on. All those boys and parents - does anybody - have any idea what happens to them in college?"
From the foreword by Tom Wolfe
"The decline of our once-proud colleges and universities - well documented in this book - is the bitter fruit of our ever-more ineffective K-12 education. This book makes it clear that our nation is still at risk."
E. D. Hirsch, Jr.
Author of Cultural Literacy and The Schools We Need
"Anyone who cares deeply about American higher education will read this book and feel enlightened and enraged, delighted and despondent, encouraged and in despair. A 'must read' for those interested in both good news and bad, from higher education's influential insiders and jaded outsiders."
Lee S. Shulman
President, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
The Media: Degrees of Coverage
Gene I. Maeroff
Ready or Not? Where the Public Stands on Higher Education Reform
Deborah Wadsworth
College Admissions: A Substitute for Quality?
James Fallows
Caveat Lector: Unexamined Assumptions about Quality in Higher Education
Jay Mathews
Liberal Education: Slip-Sliding Away?
Carol G. Schneider
Six Challenges to the American University
Vartan Gregorian
Beyond Markets and Individuals: A Focus on Educational Goals
Howard Gardner
This Little Student Went to Market
David L. Kirp
How Undergraduate Education Became College Lite„and a Personal Apology
Murray Sperber
America's Modern Peculiar Institution
Frank Deford
Worlds Apart: Disconnects Between Students and Their Colleges
Arthur Levine
Leaving the Newcomers Behind
Roberto Suro and Richard Fry
Talking the Talk: Rhetoric and Reality for Students of Color
Heather D. Wathington
It is Only a Port of Call: Reflections on the State of Higher Education
Julie Johnson Kidd
The Curriculum and College Life: Confronting Unfulfilled Promises
Leon Botstein

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