declining by degrees: higher education at risk


A number of organizations are studying the issues raised by this program. Here is a list of recent reports and publications.

Accountability for Better Results: A National Imperative for Higher Education
Published 2005 National Commission on Accountability in Higher Education

College Affordability in Jeopardy
Published 2003 The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

Collision Course: Rising College Costs Threaten America's Future and Require Shared Solutions
Published 2004 Lumina Foundation for Education

Condition of Access, Higher Education for Low Income Students
by Donald E. Heller (ed.)
Published 2002 American Council on Education and Praeger Publishers

Correcting Course: How We Can Restore the Ideals of Public higher Education in a Market-Driven Era
by Lara Couturier and Jamie Scurry
Published 2005 The Futures Project

Engagement by Design: 2004 Findings
Published 2004 Community College Survey of Student Engagement

Greater Expectations: A New Vision for Learning as a Nation Goes to College
Published 2002 Association of American Colleges and Universities

Empty Promises: The Myth of College Access in America
Published 2002 Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance
Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance

Equity and Excellence in American Higher Education
by William G. Bowen, Martin A. Kurzweil and Eugene Tobin
Published 2005 University of Virginia Press

From High School to College, Improving Opportunities for Success in Higher Education
by Michael W. Kirst and Andrea Venezia
Published 2004 Jossey-Bass

The Hollow Core: Failure of the General Education Curriculum
Published 2004 American Council of Trustees and Alumni

How College Affects Students: A Third Decade of Research
by Ernest T. Pascarella and Patrick T. Terenzini
Published 2005 Jossey-Bass

Improving Learning and Reducing Costs: New Models for Online Learning
by Carol Twigg
Published 2003 Educause Review

Keeping America's Promise: A Report on the Future of Community Colleges
Published 2004 Education Commission of the States

Losing Ground � A National Status Report on the Affordability of American Higher Education
Published 2002 The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

Measuring Up 2004:The National Report Card on Higher Education
Published 2004 The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

Moving Into Town�and Moving On: The Community College in the Lives of Traditional-age Students
by Clifford Adelman
Published 2005 U.S. Department of Education

National Forum on College Level Learning

One Step from the Finish Line: Higher College Graduation Rates are Within Our Reach
by Kevin Carey
Published 2005 The Education Trust

Public Accountability for Student Learning in Higher Education: Issues and Options
Published 2004 the Business-Higher Education Forum

Pursuit of Prestige: Strategy and Competition in US Higher Education
by D. Brewer, S. Gates and C. Goldman
Published 2005 Transaction Publishers

Refinancing the College Dream: Access, Equal Opportunity, and Justice for Taxpayers
by Edward P. St. John : in collaboration with Eric H. Asker
Published 2003 Johns Hopkins University Press

Responding to the Crisis in College Opportunity
Published 2004 The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

Student Engagement: Pathways to Collegiate Success
Published 2004 National Survey of Student Engagement

Student Success in College: Creating Conditions that Matter
by G.D. Kuh, J. Kinzie, J.H. Schuh, E.J. Whitt, & Associates
Published 2005 Jossey-Bass

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